Classic Greek spanakopita

Hello spring!

If you are lucky enough to live in the parts of the world when winters are not as long, cold and grey as they are in Serbia- you may not fully understand the craving for the warmth and clear sky people in this part of the world experience. Moreover, along with the fresh breeze, spring also breathes in life to markets- they explode in variety of colourful, fresh, seasonal treats. Spinach is one of them. Now, when you say “spinach” the first thing that crosses my mind is Greek spanakopita. Actually, when you say “pie” the same thing pops up. Made dozens of times, in cooking classes, for parties and late dinners at home when we craved Greek food in Tokyo- spanakopita takes a really special place in my recipe collection. It is one of the most classic, representative dishes of Greek cuisine. Greek mothers will, of course, make them with hand made filo dough and this version can still be found in quite a number of bakeries across the country. This recipe is based on Vefa Alexiadou’s “Vefa’s kitchen”, my Greek cooking Bible. It is not a 20min recipe, but it’s well worth the effort. Enjoy!